You’re a Great Candidate if:

You are a confident, mature adult

• When faced with a situation that doesn’t seem quite right, you assume positive intent.
• You fact find and dig deep before drawing conclusions
• You learn from your mistakes and move on
• You don’t just show up every day, you show up and make great things happen.
• Your coworkers can count on you being at work every day. They know something extraordinary must have happened for you to not
be at work.
• You handle daily pressure with fortitude and grace.

You want to be proud of where you work

• Quality and attention to detail are not just programs on a power point slide. You know that every product that goes out the door is
someone’s weekly breakfast with their elderly parent, or the dozen donuts paid forward for an act of kindness. You’re proud of where
you work, because you know that what you make matters.
• You have uncompromising ethics, refusing to cut corners or make concessions for the safe, legal, quality food we make.
• You want to take ownership of your equipment, caring for its basic maintenance.
• You possess a desire to learn the processes from start to finish.
• You are a team player
• You can provide well-thought out, constructive feedback to your peers and management team that help improve processes, quality, &
• You receive feedback knowing those around you are supporting and encouraging you to be your best self.
• You approach your work and the work of your co-workers with a teachable spirit, open to learning more and instructing others to
learn more.